Commonwealth Cannabis Competition RECAP

The legalization of cannabis has opened many doors for expanding access to cannabis in the Commonwealth. One advocacy group has been at the frontlines of the battle to establish more moral and rational policies regarding all uses of the cannabis plant, that advocacy group is MassCann. For

thirty years MassCann has been advocating for the legalization of cannabis through education in Massachusetts. Every year on the third weekend of September the advocacy group hosts the renowned Boston Freedom Rally, a free speech rally that attracts tens of thousands of people that peacefully converge on Boston. Cannabis enthusiasts, activists, celebrities, musicians, athletes, doctors and consumers from around the world come to Boston to celebrate cannabis culture and protest cannabis prohibition through unified civil disobedience.

With the growth of the cannabis industry, individuals building companies and brands needed an outlet to showcase their skills and products. The Commonwealth Cannabis Competition saw this opportunity and teamed up with MassCann to bring a cannabis competition to the Rally as a way to recognize and award the best cannabis products. In 2018, the Commonwealth Cannabis Competition debuted at the Freedom Rally. Much excitement was built around the debut and many people heavily anticipated the addition to the Rally. Beautiful glass trophies were crafted by Toro Glass for the first place winners. The award ceremony was held on the mainstage in front of tens of thousands of people, just a few hours before Fortunate Youth’s headlining performance.

In 2019 the Boston Freedom Rally was ready to celebrate their 30th year as an organization as well as the 30thyear hosting the Rally, however the event was restricted by the city of Boston to only a single day event after extensive complaints about trash, alleged illegal sales of cannabis and the public consumption of cannabis. The restriction to one day had more people converge on the single day than normal in Boston. Even with the increased traffic, there was not one major issue and no arrests relating to the event. The competition went off without a hitch and the Rally was able to successfully complete their 30th year.

The competition is more than a group of stoners sitting in a room smoking everyone’s weed. Competition organizers are responsible for taking a random sample and submitting the sample to an ISO accredited cannabis testing facility to ensure it meets minimal safety requirements. Judges are strategically selected to make sure the judges have no relationships with the competitors to prevent cheating. The judging process can be an extensive process for many judges, with the process taking multiple days to over a week to properly judge each entry. Judging is certainly not a task that the average consumer can easily accomplish.

Check out the list of the 2018 + 2019 Winners

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